THE Elite Aircraft CLUB


Welcome to THE Elite Aircraft CLUB!

1. THE CLUB Co-op owned by Pilots, Aircraft operators both 91 & 135, FBO's and employees.

2. We will be an International Fractional Club FBO Co-op with operations Worldwide. 

3. Our mission is to reduce the cost of every aspect of Aircraft ownership and operations.

4. We are a "Generational Company" without an "Exit Strategy".  We'll exist as long as Aviation exists.

5. Creating for our Members & Owners the finest CLUB facilities and services in the Industry.

6. We have the most creative Ownership Rewards Program in the Industry. The"Wingman" Rewards Ownership Program.

7. We have created the only Equity & Profit sharing Co-Op program in the Aviation services industry.

8. We will create a Co-op Network Club that returns all Profits to its Owners...YOU.

9. THE Elite Aircraft CLUB will be the revolution in the FBO business.

10. THE Elite Aircraft CLUB  is FREE for Members to join! Whether you live in Maine, California or anywhere in the world for that matter. THE CLUB is coming to you! Once we come to your area become an Aircraft Club Member or Owner in the only Club Co-op dedicated to building an Aviation Services Network that not only reduces the cost of EVERY ASPECT OF AIRCRAFT OWNERSHIP & OPERATIONS, but gives you equity, profit sharing and a vote (1 Owner...1 Vote) into how it's built, as opposed to accepting what you're offered at other FBO's.