FBO Partnership

 Running an FBO, we are all looking for an edge on our competition and being part of a GREAT Network is a great edge. As the LARGE CHAIN FBOs continue to grow the smaller FBOs are being squeezed out. There is a lot to be said about "Brand Name Recognition" vs a stand alone operation. Our mission is to create an Independent FBO Network thru-out the country, where we can all keep the advantages of running our own facilities and yet enjoy the benefits of a Large affordable Network. Elite Jet Centers will be a radical change to the way FBOs operate today. By Networking together independent FBO's we will create our version of a "Fractional FBO" Network. Join Elite Jet Centers LLC. and become one of the owners of the first and only "Fractional FBO Network". You will still own your FBO but you'll now be a part of the ownership group in Elite Jet Centers and have an additional profit center for your company. And if you're ever looking for an exit strategy...we can be that too. Call today for more info! (248)361-9387

Starting 2023 we will be adding 5 to 10 FBO's a month to the ELITE JET CENTERS NETWORK and between 300 to 500 aircraft a month.