CLUB FBO Partners

 Running an FBO, we are all looking to be profitable and have an edge on our competition and being part of a GREAT NETWORK is a great edge. As the LARGE CHAIN FBOs continue to grow, the smaller FBOs are being squeezed out. There is a lot to be said about "Brand Name Recognition" vs a stand alone operation. Our mission is to create an Elite Independent International FBO Co-op Network, where we can all keep the advantages of running our own facilities and yet enjoy the benefits of a Large affordable Network. Does the thought of being part of profit centers thru out the world intrigue you? And having a voice in those profit centers. THE Elite Aircraft CLUB will be a radical change to the way Independent FBOs can operate today. By Networking together select independent FBO's we will create our version of a "Fractional FBO" Network. This will give all our CLUB Partner FBO's "partnership" with thousands of aircaft owners as well as hundreds of select independant FBO's throughout the country that belong to THE CLUB. FBO Club Partnership fees are affordable and directly tied to fuel sales to CLUB Members & Owners. Why so affordable? It's simple...The more FBOs we have, the more CLUB Members we have...The more CLUB Members we have, the more FBOs we have!  Additionally, every Partner FBO can be an Owner in THE Elite Aircraft CLUB. Your investment in your "Wingman" account is up to you. FBO GMs can also have Equity & Profit Sharing in "THE CLUB". Qualified employees can have ownership. And if you ever need an "Exit Strategy" for your company, THE CLUB can be that also! All of our FBO Partners will be on our "CLUB FBO Board" helping with the direction THE CLUB will take as we grow. Call today for information on how to join THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY,  & fastest growing Aviation Co-op Club in the industry!

Starting Fall 2023 we will be adding 5 to 10 FBO's a month to THE CLUB giving us about 100 FBOs end of year One. And 300 to 500 Members & Owners monthly giving us approximately 5000 Members & Owners annually.