Members then Partners

THE Elite Aircraft CLUB Membership to Ownership 

What's the difference between Membership and Ownership?

Elite Free Members: Will be pilots and aircraft operators throughout the world that look at this concept and say, "This is an intriguing concept and when they have A CLUB HANGAR in my area...I'm interested"! There isn't a charge for thinking something is a good idea! We will use THE CLUB enrollment numbers when we are talking with FBOs in your area as leverage to get better deals for THE CLUB. Once we have a CLUB Partner FBO in your area...become an Aircraft Member or Owner.

Elite Aircraft Members: Annual Membership fees to be an Elite Aircraft Member are as follows: Single  100LL $30...Twin 100LL $60...and Jet Members $90. Aircraft Members are entitled to good fuel discounts at all CLUB Partner FBOs. And great fuel discounts at all CLUB OWNED FACILITIES. All Aircraft Members get their "Wingman" ownership accounts allowing them to build towards Ownership. With every purchase from THE CLUB Pilot Shop & Parts Department a portion (5%) of that sale goes directly into your Wingman account. Being an Aircraft Member in THE CLUB brings you a lot of advantages you won't get on your own however the best way to enjoy the benefits of THE Elite Aircraft to be an OWNER.

THE CLUB OWNERS: Ownership in THE CLUB will be the ultimate financial advantage you can have in Aircraft ownership and operations. Ownership not only brings you as close to cost as you can get in aviation, but now you get Equity and Profit sharing in THE CLUB. To be considered an Owner in THE Elite Aircraft CLUB LLC. you must maintain a balance of $1000 in your Wingman account. Of course you can invest as much as your "Aviation Imagination" allows. ROI is 100% based on your investment in THE CLUB. Like a Credit Union, you  can make deposits & withdraws anytime you wish from your Wingman account. Voting rights however in a Co-op are "One Owner...One Vote." The idea being no one person can dominate THE CLUB. In order to realize the mission of reducing every cost associated with aircraft ownership and operations we must own CLUB FACILITIES and aviation services companies. This task is accomplished much more efficiently & intelligently as a group as opposed to an individual. Keep in mind our Co-op is an LLC. That will keep your CPA happy! And when the time comes that you determine your ride in aviation is complete you simply withdraw your investment and  close your account in THE Elite Aircraft CLUB." 

  We will indeed be the radical change in the FBO business. We won't even call CLUB owned facilities FBO's, we will simply be known as THE CLUB. Most Companies are built with the blood sweat and tears of ownership and employees trying to create a company with as much value as possible, build it up only to sell it to someone else. We are creating a "Generational" company, a company with no "Exit Startegy", a CLUB that will exist as long as aviation does!  All pilots, FBO owners, Aircraft owners, 135 and 91 operators and employees can now become Owners in the fastest growing Co-Op Club in the Aviation Services Industry. At Elite Jet at Contact (PTK) we have always felt when you pull on our ramp..."WE WORK FOR YOU"! By becoming a Member and or Owner in THE CLUB...we work for you WHEREVER you go! We work for you...when you're sitting at home or sleeping! Let's bring the cost of Aircraft ownership and operations...DOWN. And the standards of where you keep your Aircraft...UP!

 Every FBO that becomes A CLUB Partner FBO will recruit Elite Aircraft Club Members & Owners from their Airport and area of the country (both Jet and 100LL) to become members & owners. THE CLUB Aircraft Members & Owners will also recruit FBOs they frequent to become Partner FBOs in THE CLUB. As a Co-Op we will be looking for all members and owners to be involved with the growth of our organization, so your input into how we grow will not only be valued, but expected! The joy of forming an Aviation Services Co-Op Club is that we will be surrounded by very talented and smart Members & Owners thus insuring our success and financial growth for all involved with THE CLUB.


We will be adding 5 to 10 Network FBO's a month or  100 CLUB Partner FBOs and ONE CLUB OWNED facility after our first year.

We will average 300 to 500 Elite Aircraft Members & Owners every month giving us approximately 5000 CLUB Pilots & Operators. These numbers are attainable because the cost of Membership & Ownership is ridiculously affordable. Therefore it would make NO FINANCIAL SENSE not to join. The more CLUB Aircraft Members & Owners we have the more FBOs will want to be onboard. The more CLUB FBO Partners & Owners we have the more Aircraft  will want to be onboard. Our vision is to expand and into ALL areas of the Aviation Services industry using the capital, intelect and business experience of our entire CLUB.