Partnership Advantages

"The Elite Aircraft Network"... Elite Jet Centers...Elite Aircraft Partners... Partnership

We are not a membership company...we are a Partnership Network! The Elite Aircraft Network will be the partnership group that ties Elite Aircraft Partners with select Independently owned Elite Jet Center FBO's around the country.  We will be the radical change in the FBO business. All pilots, FBO owners, Aircraft owners, 135 operators, 91 operators can now become partners in the fastest growing Partnership Network in Aviation.

The Elite Aircraft Network will be unique in the aviation industry as we will build a Network of Pilots, Aircraft Owners and FBO's that will not only have partnership in the company but have the best rewards program in the industry...The "Wingman" partnership program. This will be the only Profit Sharing/Equity program in the industry that every Partner will have the option of cashing in yearly or rolling over to receive even more equity in "OUR" organization. Our growth plans will be three fold. With each FBO that joins Elite Jet Centers  they will in turn bring in Elite Aircraft Partner pilots and aircraft owners from their area of the country (both Jet and 100LL) to become partners and start receiving "Wingman" partnership rewards. Then Elite Aircraft Partners will bring in additional pilots giving them even more "Wingman" rewards. (No limit to the amount of partners you bring in).  By becoming an Elite Aircraft Partner or an Elite Jet Center you automatically have Equity & Profit Sharing in "The Elite Aircraft Network".The Value of Partnership!


"WINGMAN" Partnership Program

 For every gallon of Jet fuel you purchase .03 a gallon will go into your "Wingman" partnership account and .03 will go into the aircraft owners "Wingman" account. And even better for everyone else you bring into you'll recieve .01 a gallon of each gallon they purchase! No limit to the amount of Partners you bring in. WOW! Same deal applies to all our 100LL Partners only you'll recieve .05 a gallon! And for each pilot you bring in you'll get .01 a gallon for each gallon they purchase! YOU SHOULD HAVE YOUR OWN FBO NETWORK!

Growth goals for our first year of operations will be to add 5 to 10 Network FBO's a month or  100 Elite Jet Centers after year one.

We plan on averaging 300 to 500 Elite Aircraft Partners every month giving us approximately 5000 Aircraft the first year. These numbers are attainable because the cost of Partnership is ridiculously affordable and allows almost anyone who purchases fuel and sells fuel to be a partner in the Network. Again remember the main goal is to have a large pool of parters in both Elite Jet Centers and Elite Aircraft Partners to ensure greater leverage for all our Members. Our vision is to expand and partner into ALL areas of Aviation using the capital, intelect and business experience of our Partners.  

We will be the first Aviation Services company that will be owned by...its customers!