Elite Jet Centers LLC. Ownership

Elite Jet Centers LLC will be the ownership group that owns and helps operate Elite Jet Centers the first and only "Fractional FBO Network". The first FBO Network owned by...YOU! We will be the radical change in the FBO business. All pilots, FBO owners, GM's, 135 operators, part 91 operators, aviation professionals and enthusiasts can now become owners in the fastest growing and only "Fractional FBO Network" in the industry. Why not purchase fuel and services from yourself! Owners will be able to purchase fuel at .25 cents over cost! (At Company Owned FBO's). There will be three levels of ownership...Bronze, Silver and Gold. The more Owners and Partners we have the more pull we will have as an organization in the aviation industry. And Pilots should have pull!

Bronze Ownership...any amount between $5k and $10K

Silver Ownership...any amount between $10k and $100K

Gold Ownership.....any amount above $100K

"WINGMAN" Fuel Reward Program

Let's "Revolutionize" the FBO business. For every gallon of Jet fuel you purchase .01 a gallon will go towards or into your Elite Aircraft Partners Inc. ownership account. And even better for everyone else you bring into EAP Inc. you'll recieve .01 a gallon of each gallon they purchase! No limit to the amount of Partners/Owners you bring in. WOW! Same deal applies to all our 100LL Partners and owners only you'll recieve .02 a gallon! YOU SHOULD HAVE YOUR OWN FBO NETWORK!

Growth goals for our first year of operations will be to add 5 to 10 Network FBO's a month or  100 Elite Jet Centers after year one.

We plan on averaging 300 to 500 Elite Aircraft Partners every month giving us approximately 5000 Aircraft the first year. Our goal for Elite Aircraft Partners Inc. is to average 250 owners a month bringing us about 3000 owners at the end of year one. These numbers are attainable because the cost of Partnership and Ownership is ridiculously affordable. Again remember the main goal is to have a large pool of partners and owners in Elite Jet Centers LLC to ensure greater leverage for all our Partners and Owners. Our vision is to expand and partner into ALL areas of Aviation using the capital, intelect and business experience of our partner-owners.  

We will be the first Aviation Services company that will be owned by...its customers!