Aircraft Members & Owners

THE Elite Aircraft CLUB: The 1st and only "Fractional FBO Co-op Club" that will turn FBO users into FBO owners. 

Elite Free Membership: Until we have a CLUB Partner FBO or CLUB owned FBO in your area join for free! Watch us grow and become an Aircraft Member or Owner when we come to you. 

Elite Aircraft Membership: Once we bring value to you become an Elite Aircraft Member. Annual Membership fee: 100LL Single $30...100LL Twin $60...Jet Member $90. And get the guaranteed best fuel price on the field of any CLUB FBO you visit.

THE CLUB Ownership: Minimum investment of $1000 in your "WINGMAN" Ownership Account makes you an owner in THE CLUB. Giving you not only "Owner" pricing but Equity and Profit Sharing in THE CLUB as we grow to become the largest "Members Only" FBO Co-op Club in the Aviation Services Industry. YOUR FBO!

"WINGMAN" Ownership Account

 The Wingman Ownership Program will be what sets THE CLUB apart from everyone in the Aviation Services (FBO) business. All of our Members can easily become Owners in THE Elite Aircraft CLUB. Once your Wingman account is established, work to get $1k in there to take full advantage of THE CLUB. Your Wingman account will be like a "Credit Union", make deposits and withdraws whenever you wish. Your Wingman account gives you the ability to acquire as much equity in THE CLUB as your "Aviation Imagination" allows . YOU SHOULD BE PART OF YOUR OWN FBO NETWORK!

The first six months we will build up our FREE Membership and add Aircraft Members & Owners to THE CLUB as we grow. Next, we will take our vast Membership to select FBOs throughout the country and create our CLUB Partner Network. Our eventual goal is to purchase FBO's and or create the most unique & exquisite CLUB facilities imaginable. After all we will use both CLUB capital & imagination to build what CLUB Ownership desires. Join our FACEBOOK PAGE... The Elite Aircraft Co-op Network and give us your suggestions! 

Starting Fall 2023 we will be adding 5 to 10 FBO's a month to THE CLUB Partner FBO family..300 to 500 Members & Owners every month giving us approximately 5000 aviation professionals in THE CLUB  by the end of our first year.