Elite Jet Centers will be the first and only "Fractional FBO Network". The first FBO Network owned by...YOU! Why don't Pilots have an FBO Network?...Because you've never been offered one! Well now you have. Ownership has it's advantages. Pilots, 135 operators, part 91 operators and all Aviation professionals will have two options to become part of ELITE JET CENTERS. Step 1: Become an Elite Aircraft Partner and you will get the best fuel price at any Independent Elite Jet Center you visit.   

Elite Jet Partnership...$90 annually

Elite 100LL Twin Partnership....$60 annually 

Elite 100LL Single Partnership..$30 annually

"WINGMAN" Fuel Rewards Program

To "Revolutionize" the FBO business you have to be "Revolutionary"! All Jet Aircraft Partners and Owners will get .01 a gallon for every gallon purchased that will go towards or into your Ownership account in Elite Jet Centers LLC. And even better...for everyone you bring into EJC  you'll get .01 of every gallon they purchase. No limit to the number of Partners/Owners you bring in. WOW! For our 100LL Partners and Owners you'll get the same deal only you'll recieve .02 a gallon! YOU SHOULD HAVE YOUR OWN FBO NETWORK!

Step 2...Become an Owner in ELITE JET CENTERS LLC. and start purchasing fuel and services from...Yourself! Become an Owner in the industry you love and support!

Starting 2023 we will be adding 5 to 10 FBO's a month to the ELITE JET CENTERS family...and 300 to 500 aircraft a month.