"The Value of Partnership"

The Elite Aircraft Network will partner Elite Jet Center Independant FBO's and Elite Aircraft Partners to create the largest Pilot, Aircraft Owner & FBO Network in Aviation. Partnership has it's advantages. Pilots, 135 operators, 91 operators and all Aviation professionals can become partners in The Elite Aircraft Network. The thousands of Elite Aircraft Partners from all over the country will allow us to have leverage when establishing relationships and pricing with Elite Jet Center FBO's around the nation. There is indeed Value in Partnership. Elite Aircraft Partners annual cost...per Aircraft:  

Elite Jet Partners...$90 annually

Elite 100LL Twin Partners....$60 annually 

Elite 100LL Single Partners..$30 annually

To build a revolutionary have to offer something Revolutionary! All Elite Aircraft Partners will recieve both Profit Sharing and Equity in The Elite Aircraft Network. As our Network does your equity in your "Wingman" Partnership account.

"WINGMAN" Partnership Program

 All Jet Fuel Partner Pilots and Aircraft owners will receive .03 a gallon for every gallon you purchase, that will go into your "Wingman" Partnership account in The Elite Aircraft Network. And even better...for everyone you bring into "TEAN"  you'll get .01 of every gallon they purchase. No limit to the number of Partners you bring in. WOW! For our 100LL Partners you'll get .05 a gallon! And for every partner you bring into the group you'll recieve .01 a gallon for every gallon they purchase! YOU SHOULD HAVE YOUR OWN FBO NETWORK!

As you can see there is a real financial benefit to bringing other pilots into our Network...FOR YOU!

Starting 2023 we will be adding 5 to 10 FBO's a month to the ELITE JET CENTERS family...and 300 to 500 Elite Aircraft Partners a month.